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Record Mirror


The continuing saga of the
'Elvis Costello siege of Nashville' defendants

Record Mirror

Remember the amazing scenes gleefully reported two weeks ago when, singer/songwriter sensation Elvis Costello appeared at the Nashville one Sunday night for only his third appearance?

Of course. As estimated 1,000 people turned up. An estimated 300 people were allowed in. An estimated 12 police were called, apparently at the request of London Transport whose West Kensington station adjoins the famous hostelry, to disperse the remainder.

And eight people were arrested and later charged with wilful obstruction under Section 121A of the Highways Act 1959 (maximum penalty £50).

Now the interesting bit. It transpired that five of the eight were journalists, including Thompson Prentice of the Daily Mail and Steve Segaller of London Weekend Television.

Three defendants including an Israeli radio producer and a Portuguese reporter pleaded guilty last week and were fined. However, the remaining five — charged together in court — surprised the police by pleading not guilty, which ensured an adjournment until the following day. The heavyweight defence, including Daily Mall lawyers and an NUJ representative, intended to propose that, Prentice for instance was a journalist carrying out his job, with both NUJ card and a Scotland Yard press card establishing his credentials. At one point in the trial at West London Magistrates' Court the arresting officer admitted he hadn't seen the card that Prentice attempted to display.

Time however wasn't on the defendants' side. At the end of the afternoon a second adjournment was called as the prosecution wound up their case. With both magistrates' and defendants' holiday arrangements to consider a long discussion resulted is the new date being set for August 26th.

The "Costello 5," as they come to be known, fight on! If you thought the life of a music reporter was all gigs, names on the guest list and free T-shirts ... think again. And watch this space. (Yawn).

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Record Mirror, August 27, 1977

Record Mirror reports on a court case involving the Elvis Costello concert, Sunday, August 7, 1977, The Nashville, London, England.

My Aim Is True is No. 14 on the album chart (page 2).


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