Record Mirror, December 3, 1977

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Record Mirror


Nick Lowe, Elvis Costello

Juicy Luicy

Now it can be told: stable mates Sounds flummoxed by Nick Lowe's comments on the title of his new album, which is apparently to be named after something written by that lovely boy Tim Lott (yes girls!). Information leaked to me by the man who should know, suggests the album will be called Jesus Of Cool, a remark Timmy made about Nick in his exclusive Elvis Costello interview a few months back.

That svelte superman Bryan Ferry has apparently signed to CBS in the States... poor swop for the Feelgoods, eh m'dear? CBS also in on Elvis Costello and they're very kindly giving away dartboards with Elvis' mug on them... I've obtained one and I must say the sheer delight of sinking a dart into one of Elvis' piggy eyes is quite exquisite.

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Record Mirror, December 3, 1977

Juicy Luicy reports the name of Nick Lowe's upcoming album.

"Watching The Detectives" is No. 18 on the singles chart (page 2).


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