Record Mirror, January 6, 1979

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Record Mirror


Armed Forces

Elvis Costello



Record Mirror, January 6, 1979 -- Includes a review of Armed Forces.

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Record Mirror, January 6, 1979

Includes a review of Armed Forces.

John Shearlaw's A-Z guide to the year ahead includes "C for Elvis Costello."

EC is featured in the centerfold poster.


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An A-Z for the year

John Shearlaw


C for Elvis Costello, currently on a major tour of Britain with his new album Armed Forces out now. Also for Clash, beginning their three week "Pearl Harbour Tour" of the States from the end of January. The Cars, who are set to follow-up the success of last year's one-off visit (and hit single ) with a full tour in the spring. Teenyboppers Child who'll be supporting UNICEF in their "International Year Of The Child" campaign with gigs and a new single. Cheap Trick who begin a British tour on January 26 (full dates next week). The Commodores, who seem likely to consolidate 1978's success over here with a return visit... and a new studio album. Julie Covington, rumoured to be planning selected live dates. A new album from a revitalised Eric Clapton? The Carpenters to split? Crosby Stills and Nash to reform?

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