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Record Mirror


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David Brown

Elvis Costello
My Aim Is True
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Welcome to the workingman's new superstar as Stiff proudly pull back the sheets to reveal a glimmer of light reflecting on the spectacled mug of the English Elvis. Working on the premise that if you wanna go to heaven you gotta raise a little El, they plea for assistance to hype Elv, not by any "At least the world is ready for..." or "Is this the new Graham Parker?" antics but by giving away 1,000 copies of the album to yer mates. Alright eh? But perhaps Stiff shouldn't be so modest and should come out of Nick Lowe's "Keepitasahobby" production corner and shout out loud that they have a rather special talent on their roster. Very special he is too, any geezer who can write a lyric like "I said 'I'm so happy I could die,' she said 'drop dead' and left with another guy," has got to be in a class of his own. And there are plenty more to choose from, be it mellow romantic strains of "Alison" or rocking observation as in "I'm Not Angry" or "Waiting For The End Of The World." It's sheer El below zero stuff. Mr Costello looks for all the world like the guy who gets sand kicked in his face on the beach, the bloke who you'd push past in the butcher's queue and know he wouldn't object, the sort who wouldn't say boo to a fly, the Buddy Holly type wallfly at the dance but put a pen in his hand or perhaps a guitar and the real Elvis will soon emerge. And this is the beginning.

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Record Mirror, July 16, 1977

David Brown reviews My Aim Is True.

Record Mirror reports on the Stiff / Island Records deal and the "Help Us Hype Elvis" promotion.


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Stiff / Island make up

Record Mirror

1977-07-16 Record Mirror page 05 clipping 01.jpg

Stiff Records and Island have made up over their recent disagreement, and announced this week a new three-year pressing and distribution deal.

First release under the new deal is Elvis Costello's long awaited album My Aim Is True (SEEZ 3), out on July 22.

The first 1,000 copies of the album will contain a "Help Us Hype Elvis" offer for a free album to the person of the purchaser's choice for just the cost of the postage.

Stiff's catalogue, Damned, Damned, Damned (SEEZ 1), Bunch Of Stiffs (SEEZ 2) and Nick Lowe's EP Bowi (LAST I) are available again, but all Stiff singles prior to The Adverts' "One Chord Wonder" (BUY 14) have been deleted.

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