Record Mirror, July 2, 1983

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Record Mirror


Everyday I Write The Book

Elvis Costello And The Attractions

Paul Sexton

In the picture he may look like a small underground animal, but his music traces a consistent line of quality. The lyrics are as labyrinthine as ever and Afrodiziak's backing vocals cheapen it, but it's still the most interesting song of the week. This man is no imposter.

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Record Mirror, July 2, 1983

Paul Sexton reviews the single for "Everyday I Write The Book."

"Pills And Soap" is No. 46 on the singles chart (page 50).


1983-07-02 Record Mirror page 18.jpg
Page scan.

1983-07-02 Record Mirror cover.jpg 1983-07-02 Record Mirror page 50.jpg
Cover and page scan.


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