Record Mirror, March 24, 1984

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Record Mirror


Elvis Costello and Daryl Hall

Jim Reid

Don't forget your glasses when you go and see Hall and Oates ... you might miss the ancient hieroglyphic peace messages they have plastered all over their backdrop. Don't believe me, then why has Master Elvis Costello donned his special bi-focals for the occasion? More importantly why is Jack Nicholson wearing sunglasses in the middle of winter — Do Hall and Oates send out special invisible gamma ray peace messages as well? Who knows, but also looking for peace signs at their Wembley gig last week were Spandau's Tony Hadley and Arsenal soccer star Graham Rix (the closest he'll get to Wembley this year). Wanna know more, see page 34....

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Record Mirror, March 24, 1984

Jim Reid notes Elvis Costello's appearance backstage at the Hall & Oates concert, Sunday, March 11, 1984, Wembley Arena, London.

"Nelson Mandela" is No. 38 on the singles chart (page 42).


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Photo by Barry Plummer.
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Cover and page scans.
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