Record Mirror, October 22, 1977

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Record Mirror


Watching The Detectives

Elvis Costello

Philip Hall

What an incredible year this has been for single. Here's another one to add to the list of '77 favourites. This time it's the hypnotic beat rather than Elvis's biting lyrics which captures the attention. The thudding bass line and teasing keyboard work prove that the Attractions are more than just a backing hand. However, for all that, its commercial value remains doubtful.

The superb live version of "Mystery Dance" on the 'B' side shows Elvis at his most danceable. After only one hearing "Can't do it any more and I'm not satisfied" stays naggingly in your brain forever. If this was the 'A' side perhaps the real "king" would be at number one.

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Record Mirror, October 22, 1977

Philip Hall reviews the single for "Watching The Detectives."

Gig guide lists several dates on the Stiff's Greatest Stiffs Live tour.

My Aim Is True in No. 49 on the album chart (page 2).


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