Record World, October 8, 1977

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Record World

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Stiff Records

David McGee and Barry Taylor

While Stiff's CBS deal did appear to be on the verge of being signed two weeks ago, it was not. Sources close to the company advised us not to reveal the impending likelihood of such a pact while others were printing second and third hand information for reasons which were made obvious to N.Y., N.Y. last week. After approximately one very successful year as a U.K. record company in which time the tiny operation grew impressively while succeeding in drawing the attention of the entire music industry — on both sides of the Atlantic — two of the principals, Jake Riviera and Dave Robinson have terminated their business relationship on an amicable basis. Robinson, it was learned, will now maintain his interests in the careers of Graham Parker and the Rumour, Clover and the Damned in addition to the Stiff Records label while Riviera will exit the company, taking with him, Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe. This means that neither of those artists will be contracted to Stiff for representation anywhere in the world. An announcement regarding a future label affiliation for Costello and Lowe is expected in the near future and Columbia should not be ruled out. Meanwhile, Hits Greatest Stiffs, ("contains no hit single whatsoever") a collection of the label's early singles and b-sides has been released in the U.K. this week and includes Lowe's "Heart Of the City," an early Costello b-side "Radio Sweetheart," the Damned's "Help" and tracks by Plummet Airlines, the Tyla Gang and Motorhead.

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Record World, October 8, 1977

David McGee and Barry Taylor report on Jake Riviera, EC and Nick Lowe leaving Stiff Records.


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