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Elvis is King

Larry Molina

If the Sex Pistols are too destructive for you, and you're tired of bump city, then let me interest you in a 24-year-old "prima donna" from England. He is Elvis Costello.

With the absence of Bruce Springsteen on the scene (tied up in red tape), and the graying of Pete Townsend's hair, 1978 must be ready for a whole new group of musical leaders. And Elvis is definitely one of them. Though not as romantic as Bruce or as powerful as the Who, Elvis brings his points across with strength and beauty.

Costello is defiant and confident and he knows where he is going, as he states on the cover of his album "Elvis is King."

Although the Pistols are getting their share of the publicity at the moment, Elvis has remained somewhat obscure, except for a fill-in role on the Saturday Night Live show he did when the Sex Pistols cancelled at the last moment due to contract disputes (they wanted more money), and some sporadic air he's getting on one song from the album, "Watching the Detectives." This song is about our casual acceptance of violence on T.V. and its effect on today's society.

There are several other possible hit singles here especially on the second side, starting off with "(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes," which leaves you singing the title long after the song is over. Then there's "I'm Not Angry," a torrid rocker that reminds me of Alice Cooper's "Eighteen."

Most of the songs seem to be too short here, in particular "Mystery Dance," a Chuck Berry-ish guitar riff with a foot stomping beat.

I expect Elvis to steadily reach stardom status by the end of the year, and I wait in anxious anticipation for his next album release.


El Paisano, January 20, 1978

Larry Molina reviews My Aim Is True.


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