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Poster for concerts in San Jose, June 6, 1978, and San Francisco, June 7, 1978.
Marquee photo from Houston, Texas May 24, 1978.


Opened for Elvis Costello & the Attractions:

April-June 1978, billed as Nick Lowe with Rockpile:
1978-04-19, Minneapolis, MN
1978-04-20, Madison, WI
1978-04-21, Chicago, IL
1978-04-22, Royal Oak, MI, early
1978-04-22, Royal Oak, MI, late
1978-04-25, Buffalo, NY
1978-04-27, Syracuse, NY
1978-04-29, Toronto, ON, early
1978-04-29, Toronto, ON, late
1978-04-30, Montreal, QC
1978-05-02, Cleveland, OH
1978-05-04, Boston, MA
1978-05-05, Passaic, NJ
1978-05-06, New York, NY, early
1978-05-06, New York, NY, late
1978-05-07, Pawtucket, RI
1978-05-09, Willimantic, CT
1978-05-13, Orlando, FL
1978-05-14, Tampa, FL
1978-05-17, Cincinnati, OH
1978-05-18, Indianapolis, IN
1978-05-20, Kansas City, MO
1978-05-21, Tulsa, OK
1978-05-23, Austin, TX
1978-05-24, Houston, TX
1978-05-26, Dallas, TX
1978-05-28, Tucson, AZ
1978-05-29, Phoenix, AZ
1978-05-30, Santa Monica, CA
1978-05-31, San Diego, CA
1978-06-01, Long Beach, CA
1978-06-04, Los Angeles, CA
1978-06-06, San Jose, CA
1978-06-07, San Francisco, CA
This list is incomplete. Still to be confirmed:
Norfolk, Atlanta, Boulder and Santa Barbara.

Elvis Costello & the Attractions opened for Rockpile:

1977-08-02, Liverpool, England
1980-02-06, Liverpool, England - billed as The Horace Barlow Experience
1980-02-07, Bradford, England - billed as The Horace Barlow Experience

Shared billing with Elvis Costello & the Attractions (and several other acts):

1979-12-29, Hammersmith Odeon, London, England - Concerts For The People Of Kampuchea
1980-08-23, Heatwave Festival, Bowmanville, Canada

Original performer on:

When I Write The Book

Covered an Elvis Costello song:

Girls Talk(released on Dave Edmunds' Repeat When Necessary, 1979)

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