Rolling Stone, December 29, 1977

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Rolling Stone

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1977 Critics' Awards

Rolling Stone

Albums Of The Year

Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols — An LP that blew away all charges of hype. In a year when almost nothing happened, the Sex Pistols were action incarnate.

Hotel California, The Eagles — Rock's L.A. cowboys, coming of age, cut through the smog to take their toughest and most incisive look at California.

Rumours, Fleetwood Mac — From the diversity of the writing and singing to the punch of the rhythm section it's impossible not to think of the Beatles.

JT, James Taylor — Recoupled with producer Peter Asher, Taylor turned in his bluesiest, most openly emotional album.

My Aim Is True, Elvis Costello — A former computer programmer, who left the synthesizer at the office. Dangerous music for our time.

Hard Again, Muddy Waters — Rebirth of the blues. The last of the Chicago masters returns to the gimmick-free sound that made him great.

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Rolling Stone, No. 255, December 29, 1977

My Aim Is True is included in the Albums Of The Year.


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