Rolling Stone, January 11, 1979

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Rolling Stone

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1978 Critics Awards

Rolling Stone

Album Of The Year

Some Girls — The Stones rallied their musical forces around a framework of anger, sardonicism and raw (some say sexist) parody to reach a new popular peak with an album that was — like it or not — on the cutting edge of our culture.

Album Runners-up

Darkness on the Edge of Town — Springsteen came back from the nether world with a dark, self-probing record that detailed the flip side of rock & roll exhilaration with unflinching honesty.

Running on Empty — As both a song-cycle of the road and a map of its frail highs and lonesome lows, Jackson Browne's concept rang clear and true.

This Year's Model — Elvis Costello's well-honed humor and a fit-to-be-tied attack combined to show that this overwrought little rocker has a steady aim.

Road to Ruin — Sure the Ramones are dumb, but they're our kind of dumb.

Misfits — Ray Davies knows how to laugh at himself and rock & roll, and somehow makes it sound dignified.

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Rolling Stone, No. 281 / 282, Dec. 28, 1978 - Jan. 11, 1979

This Year's Model is among the runners-up for Album Of The Year.


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