Rolling Stone, March 19, 1981

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Rolling Stone


Elvis Costello on Tomorrow

Kurt Loder

Formerly ferocious Elvis Costello purred his way through a February 4th guest spot on NBC's Tomorrow Coast-to-Coast. After leading the Attractions through a song off their new album, Trust, he joined host Tom Snyder in the cozy chairs for a disarmingly charming chat. Snyder — still smarting from his last New Wave encounter with John Lydon and Keith Levene of Public Image Ltd. — was plainly relieved by Costello's unexpected conviviality.

"You have been described as an angry man," Snyder puzzled, pursing his famous eyebrows. "Yeah, well, to be really straight about it, I suppose some of the time it was nerves that would tend to make me aggressive," Costello admitted. But no more.

"Maybe you've matured."

"What a horrible word that is," Elvis said. "It sounds like cheese or something, doesn't it?"

"I was thinking of fine wine," Snyder mooned.

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Rolling Stone, No. 339, March 19, 1981

Kurt Loder reports on Elvis Costello's appearance on Tomorrow Coast-to-Coast, Tuesday, February 3, 1981.


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