Rolling Stone, September 21, 1989

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Sheila Rogers

"Do you remember that old movie where they all got into the submarine and got shrunk and then went into the body?" says Elvis Costello, when asked about his current tour. "The show's kind of like that — an incredible journey." Costello has put together a seven-piece band — including Attractions drummer Pete Thomas and guitarist Marc Ribot — for the tour, which also includes an acoustic set. Costello says his tour is unlike anything else going on this summer. "I don't want to be immodest about it," he says, "but I think it's really worth seeing. It's something different, but at the same time it's not some wig-out. It's done with a lot of heart. If you want a nostalgia experience, there's probably at least a dozen of those bands out this summer. But you won't see this again. It would be a shame if the big spectacle shows sucked all of the life out of the rest of the scene this summer."

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Rolling Stone, No. 561, September 21, 1989

Random Notes talks to Elvis Costello about the 1989 Rude 5 Tour.


1989-09-21 Rolling Stone cover.jpg 1989-09-21 Rolling Stone page 03.jpg 1989-09-21 Rolling Stone page 21.jpg
Cover and page scans.

Photo by Paul Natkin.
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Clockwise from top left: Jerry Scheff, Elvis Costello, Pete Thomas,
Larry Knechtel, Marc Ribot, Michael Blair and Steven Soles.


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