Ronnie Drew: Dirty Rotten Shame

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Dirty Rotten Shame
Ronnie Drew Dirty Rotten Shame album cover.jpg
Studio album by
Ronnie Drew

1995 album by Ronnie Drew includes "Dirty Rotten Shame" written by Elvis Costello.

CD back cover and disc.


TitleWriter(s) Length
1. Gardiner Street Blues  Donal McDonald 5:16
2. Eurolations  Donal McDonald 3:56
3. Do You Want My Job  Ry Cooder 5:43
4. The Dunes  Shane MacGowan 4:05
5. One Last Cold Kiss  Gail Collins, Felix Pappalardi 3:18
6. Dirty Rotten Shame  Elvis Costello 3:44
7. Drinkin' In The Day  Bono, Simon Carmody 4:46
8. Viva La Quine Brigada  Christy Moore 4:33
9. Happy As A Baby  Mick Hanly 3:52
10. Far Off Fields  Keith Donald 2:45
11. True Ron Ron  Keith Donald 2:44
12. Brothers In Arms  Mark Knopfler 4:40

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