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Saint Leo Univ. Lions Pride
  • 2010 November 19

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National Ransom

Elvis Costello

Andrew Levengood

On November 2, Elvis Costello released a brand new album produced by the legendary T-Bone Burnett. Entitled National Ransom, this is his third release in three years releasing more music and appearing in the public eye more than ever.

Unlike his previous two albums, this album does not have a definitive backing band. Members from each of his two recent bands — The Imposters and The Sugarcanes — appear on the album, but overall, it's solely an Elvis Costello album. One of the most intriguing things about this record is the production of T-Bone Burnett, who has gone from a legendary performer to one of the most sought after producers in music. He also produced the Elton John/ Leon Russell collaboration The Union this year.

Costello draws from many different genres on National Ransom, and he shows that, as different guests perform on various songs on the album. Legendary country singer Vince Gill offers his voice to the chorus of "Dr. Watson I Presume."

"His voice seems ageless and timeless to me and the turns he can make inside a harmony line would confound a mere pup," said Costello on his website.

Also appearing on this album is the iconic Leon Russell, who just released an album with Elton John that also was produced by T-Bone Burnett. He plays his traditional country-piano playing on "My Lovely Jezebel." National Ransom also features contributions from Band of Joy member Buddy Miller on guitar and jazz guitarist Marc Ribot.

Overall, Costello offers another strong album, with a political based theme, and with the help of T-Bone-Burnett, he delivers a pleasant appeal to America. National Ransom is currently available in stores and on all digital providers. Costello has also been and will be performing on late night shows, and his appearance on the Colbert Report is available at


The Lions Pride, November 19, 2010

Andrew Levengood reviews National Ransom.


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