Santa Monica College Corsair, March 16, 1994

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Costello fans rejoice. The man who proved you didn't have to be punk to be angry is back and in prime form on Brutal Youth — reunited with his old back up faves, The Attractions. Once again, he is rock's consummate songwriter, crafting clever tales with remarkable insight into the human condition, such as on "This is Hell," where he describes the tortures of the underworld: "It's not the torment of the flames that finally seize you, flesh corrupted / it's the small humiliations that your memory piles up." Costello reverts backs to simpler arrangements (for him anyway) of guitar, bass, piano, and drums, without the violins and horns that marked some of his more recent recordings. Overall, a very strong outing well worth considering.


The Corsair, March 16, 1994

Eitan Kadosh reviews Brutal Youth.


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