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Unless you are a music historian, you probably wouldn't realize that Elvis Costello's latest release is a collection of cover songs. The chosen songs are obscure to say the least. They come from the flip-side of singles or "deep" album cuts recorded by artists like "Screamin'" Jay Hawkins, Willie Dixon, Bob Dylan and Ray Davies. Costello brings his unique vocal styles to each song and this, combined with some superior playing by all the musicians involved, makes the album a pleasant listen. The only major disappointment is that Costello himself only plays guitar on one selection. His vocal interpretations are interesting, but his guitar has always been a mainstay of the overall effect that he has on an audience. Costello's style of guitar is quirky and eccentric, so it's a shame that he chose not to give us a taste of how the songs on this album inspire him musically.


The Corsair, May 24, 1995

Art Bogard reviews Kojak Variety.


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