Selections From Almost Blue, Goodbye Cruel World, Kojak Variety

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Selections From
Almost Blue
Goodbye Cruel World
Kojak Variety
Selections From AB, GCW, KJ album cover.jpg
promotional album by
Elvis Costello
ReleasedSep 2004
LabelWarner Bros. / Rhino


Titlefrom Length
1. Young Boy Blues (Demo)Goodbye Cruel World bonus disc  
2. Inch By Inch  Goodbye Cruel World  
3. I Hope You're Happy Now  Goodbye Cruel World bonus disc  
4. Love Field  Goodbye Cruel World  
5. Tomorrow's (Just Another Day) (with Madness)Goodbye Cruel World bonus disc  
6. Worthless Thing  Goodbye Cruel World  
7. He's Got You ("Lost Session" version)Almost Blue bonus disc  
8. Good Year For The Roses  Almost Blue  
9. Psycho  Almost Blue bonus disc  
10. Sweet Dreams  Almost Blue  
11. My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You  Almost Blue bonus disc  
12. I'm Your Toy  Almost Blue  
13. Congratulations  Kojak Variety bonus disc  
14. Strange  Kojak Variety  
15. Brilliant Disguise  Kojak Variety bonus disc  
16. Must You Throw Dirt In My Face  Kojak Variety  
17. Ship Of Fools  Kojak Variety bonus disc  
18. I Threw It All Away  Kojak Variety  

Release information

Release date Media Catalog number Comments
2004-09-__ CD Warner Bros./Rhino (no catalog number) US promo


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