Shews, No. 3, 1977

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  • 1977 No. 3



My Aim Is True

Elvis Costello


So then, Stiff describe him as Buddy Holly on acid. Fair enough. But I reckon this must be his first trip 'cos Elv is refreshing to the full, with every listen, you discover something different on an album which could be described as a compilation in style, everything from Reggae to Bruce Springsteen (especially with "Angels Wanna Wear My Red Shoes"). "No Dancing" is Nick Lowe doing his Phil Spector bit and it's in songs like "Alison" in which we learn that the Elv is a nifty little bugger with his pencil and paper: corny lyrics, but great, you know. I know for a fact that one thing the man really hates is to be compared to Graham Parker, and no wonder, with songs like the calibre of "Pay It Back" which has a typical Rumour intro. "Less Than Zero" is one of my most favourite Stiff singles, second only to the Damned's "Help." If Elvis Costello was playing this sort of stuff in 1975, he’d now be selling out the Rainbow, doing Sight 'n' Sound on the tele and also be about ready to release his third album. This bit of plastic is one of those things to play on your turntable between discs by the Pistols and even Tapper Zukie.


Shews, No. 3, 1977

Shews reviews My Aim Is True.


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