Simon Zohhadi, May 14, 2016

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Simon Zohhadi
  • 2016 May 14



Elvis Costello

London Palladium

Simon Zohhadi

I went to see Elvis Costello yesterday evening for the seventh time. Previously at the Hammersmith Odeon / Apollo (twice), the Dominion, the Royalty Theatre, the Royal Albert Hall and the Anvil.

This was a different kind of performance from the others. There was a little more conversation and a little less music although as always he packed a lot of songs into the show.

Elvis was in a very playful and amusing mood. He said he had plenty of medication (and maybe one or two drinks) before he came on stage. This wasn't a night for delivering all his hits, it wasn't that kind of gig but as another genius of contemporary song and performance (the amazing Kate Bush) had shown, this wasn't always necessary. Saying that he sang several of his best songs including one of the most beautiful love songs ever written "Alison," a brilliant version of "Watching The Detectives," "Shipbuilding," "Accidents Will Happen," "Oliver's Army," "Less Than Zero" and finishing off with "Good Year For The Roses."

Elvis gave a solo performance with just his guitars and piano and had accompaniment on a few songs at the end from two sisters who were the support act.

He also performed a fine new song on the piano, I think it was called "American Mirror."

As always, I loved the show. Elvis said he will be at the Roundhouse in July with the Imposters. I may be there. If not, I will see him on future tours, as there is no better night out. My rating 10/10.

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Simon Zohhadi, May 14, 2016

Simon Zohhadi reviews Elvis Costello, solo and with Larkin Poe, Friday, May 13, 2016, London Palladium, London, England.


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