Single: Oliver's Army

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Release information

Release date Media Catalog number Comments
1979-02-02 7" Radar ADA 31 UK, ps
1979-03-__ 7" Radar WB/RAD 17.344 Holland/Germany, ps
1979-__-__ 7" Smash Records TAR 8 Sweden, ps
1979-__-__ 7" Radar/Warner P-387F Japan, ps
1979-__-__ 7" Radar ADA 31 UK, acetate
2003-10-27 5" CD Edsel ADA 31 UK, available only in Singles, Volume 1 box set


Side A: Oliver's Army [2:58]
Side B: My Funny Valentine [1:32]


Performed by: Elvis Costello & The Attractions
Produced by: Nick Lowe
Performed by: Elvis Costello
Produced by: Elvis Costello


  • #2 (UK)
  • Went gold (500,000 copies) in the UK (date unknown).


  • With just a rhythm track and vocals, Oliver's Army was almost dropped from the album and relegated to being a b-side, but then Steve came up with the ABBA-esque piano intro.
  • The production on My Funny Valentine was incorrectly credited to Nick Lowe on initial copies. Also, the performer of the track was corrected to just EC.

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