Single: Talking In The Dark

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Release information

Release date Media Catalog number Comments
1978-12-18 7" Radar RG 1 freebie, ps
2003-10-27 5" CD Edsel RG 1 UK, available only in Singles, Volume 1 box set


Side A: Talking In The Dark [1:56]
Side B: Wednesday Week [2:06]



  • did not chart


  • 9000 copies pressed.
  • Given away free at London Dominion Christmas shows, the 3 New York shows in January 1979, and when buying the Armed Forces LP at any January 1979 UK concert.
  • Also given away as prizes in a NME competition in late 1979. The prize was intended to be a cassette called "Elvis At Home" which contained the original "Honky Tonk Demos", but apparently EC objected. As a result this 7" plus 2 tickets for the Clarendon Ballroom, Hammersmith show (1980-01-18) was the prize.
  • Both tracks are Armed Forces outtakes.

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