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Sky Sports magazine

2011 April


Elvis Costello

Oliver's Army singer, Red for life

Sky Sports

As a diehard Red, what do you think of Dalglish having a second stint managing Liverpool?

The fans seem to have responded and he seems to have got some spirit back. It could turn out that losing the main striker has actually been a pretty good move. Quite frankly, I think Liverpool got the better of the deal.

How did you feel about Torres leaving?

He didn't want to play for Liverpool anymore. Everyone goes on about how much footballers get paid and so on but they only have a short time to build their reputation and make their fortune, so presumably there were people with a vested interest in that .

Through all your years of touring are there any strange places you've ever ended up watching a Liverpool match?

In a pub called the Mad Dog and the Frog in San Francisco at 7am. I was watching Eric Cantona get the winning goal against Liverpool in the 1996 FA Cup Final. That was pretty funny in a sad way. But it was great. Ray Davies from The Kinks was sitting a few tables across from me.

Other than Anfield, what is your favourite sporting venue?

There isn't any other venue. What are you talking about? I'm not interested in any other sports. Except for curling. I like curling - it combines the essential combination of sport and housework.

Spectacle with Elvis Costello. Tue 12 Apr. 9pm. Sky Arts 1/HD (243)


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