Slash, May 1977

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Exclusive interview: The Damned

Claude Bessy


Are you satisfied with your record company?

No, after that fuck-up with the album cover when they put Eddie and The Hot Rods on. That put us off them.

What happened?

They fucked up and put Eddie and The Hot Rods on the first 2000 albums (general laughter). They're collectors' items now!

Who else is on Stiff?

Lots of one-off deals ... Elvis Costello is on it. We're the only ones that signed a contract, which we didn't read 'cause the guy of Stiff said it was OK. We just signed them. He got us after a gig when we were drunk. Sign up, boys, I'll make you big big stars, he said. So we did and look what happened: we're in L.A. with no money, sleeping on some cunt's floor. (Laughter. He points at the mattress on the floor.) This is where we sleep by the way.

No blankets?

Yeah, we got blankets. It's not that desperate. That's why we try to pull birds all the time. To get somewhere prober to stay!

In two years you'll be at the Beverly Wilshire!

With a bit of luck ...


Slash, No. 1, May 1977

EC is name-checked in Claude Bessy's interview with The Damned.


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