Slash, October 1977

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My Aim Is True

Elvis Costello

Claude Bessy

Don't know why I bought this one really. Maybe 'cause it was on Stiff. The home of the Damned. Ha. Elvis don't look too heavy on the cover, I must have been drunk that day. Why do I want a record with a silly looking rockabilly dude on it?

Actually it's much worse. It's not that he's got a bad voice or that the music is bad. It's fucking boring shit that was boring already three years ago. It's Bruce Springsteen meets Van Morrison meets the rest of them down home slick rockers, it's modern country music to smoke joints to while the dogs are playing on the rug and the old lady is making her famous stew in her earth catalogue kitchen with the racks full of spices and the herb charts on the wall, it's laid back even when it rocks, and it don't rock that often. Sounds from the past, big nostalgia item. I couldn't swear but I believe they even use a fuckin' dobro. Wanna know more? These guys (Elvis anyway, there ain't no mention of the others) are dying to be American. They must have star spangled banner dreams every night. Elvis, why do you crave so much for the wrong America?

And if dismissing adequate music just because it's got the wrong cultural connotations and a less than zero level of excitement is being a snob, I'm happy I'm one. Maybe next time it'll prevent me from having to listen to this mush even once.

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Slash, No. 5, October 1977

Claude Bessy reviews My Aim Is True.


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