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Slippery Rock Univ. Rocket
  • 1978 October 27

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My Aim Is True

Elvis Costello

Doug Rice

Throw away all the cliches; tear off all false faces; scream from the lowest region of your guts; and say, "Hello anti-music!"

A few years back in England a new music sprang from the same area which cultivated the Beatles. This style, however, was a little different.

This music defied description until someone finally labelled it "Punk Rock." So while the world progressed to new technical advancements, music reverted back toward its primitive stages.

It can be generalized that whatever happens in England will sooner or later invade the United States. In this case it did not take long before there was a milder "Punk" beginning to grow out of New York City.

The American version of this music is less obnoxious, the performers are less bizarre, and the lyrics less offensive. But still it is not the accepted music at stuffed shirt cocktail parties. Elvis Costello is frequently referred to as the leader of this new wave.

To be truly appreciated Costello should be listened to immediately after hearing Bach or Beethoven. Then it is easy for the listener to distinguish between music and anti-music.

From one basic chord to the next Costello plays like a zombie mummified into basic chord progressions. The creativity he lacks in his musical arragements he compensates for in his lyrics.

Costello draws from everyday occurences then writes words to report the truth about them. His music does not cover the words, rather it takes a backseat to the feelings he expresses.

Most of the songs on My Aim Is True sound the same; only the lyrics separate them. They are all short and crisp — to the point. This allows enough tone for the 13 songs on the album.

"Alison" a slow, soft tune demonstrates the Influences that singing in sleazy bars has had on Costello. The fast tempo songs "Welcome To The Working Week," "Mystery Dance" and "Waiting For The End of the World" are too much alike, this becoming boring at times.

But Costello's strength, his words, saves his anti-music as in "(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes:

"I used to be disgusted
And now I try to be amused ...
I said I'm so happy I could die
She said drop dead
And left with some other guy.

For this week's free lp from C-Zers be the first to correctly answer the following question: Which fellow anti-musician produced My Aim Is True and what is the prevalent sound this anti-musician likes?


The Rocket, October 27, 1978

Doug Rice reviews My Aim Is True.


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