Smash Hits, April 26, 1984

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Smash Hits

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Elvis Costello


A bit of a bumper month for old Elvis Costello. First off, he's released a compilation LP called Ten Bloody Marys & Ten How's Your Fathers which contains 20 oddments (B-sides and the like) which haven't appeared before on any of his British LPs. Second, on his own Imp label he's just re-released his first six albums. Thirdly, under his secret identity The Imposter, he's just released a new single called "Peace In Our Time." And lastly, under his own name again, he shortly makes his acting debut in a Channel 4 drama series called Scully. Busy, what?

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Smash Hits, April 26 - May 9, 1984

Bitz notes the release of Ten Bloody Marys & Ten How's Your Fathers and the the single for Peace In Our Time.

The lyrics for "Peace In Our Time" are featured on page 35.


1984-04-26 Smash Hits page 21 clipping 01.jpg

Photo by Andrew Catlin.
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1984-04-26 Smash Hits page 35.jpg
Page scan.

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Cover and page scans.


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