Smash Hits, August 13, 1986

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Smash Hits


A spectacular spinning bit

(sort of...)


Strange bloke, Elvis Costello. Not only is he just about to release his second album of the year (called Blood And Chocolate, out on September 19), not only is he just about to release a seven minute single (called "Tokyo Storm Warning", out on August 18), not only has he decided that he is called Elvis Costello again and not Declan Patrick Aloysius McManus, and not only has he joined up again with his old group, The Attractions, but he's also playing some very strange concerts later in the year. During some of them the audience will not only be able to request any of the 140 or so songs he has ever recorded but will also be able to twirl The Spectacular Spinning Songbook, a wheel with 40 song titles on, to select immediately one of those numbers. What a bizarre thought. And, as with all other bizarre thoughts, the full details are in "Happenings" (page 63).

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Smash Hits, August 13 - 26, 1986

Bitz notes the upcoming releases of Blood & Chocolate and "Tokyo Storm Warning" and details about the Costello Sings Again tour.


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