Smash Hits, August 27, 1986

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Smash Hits


Tokyo Storm Warning

Elvis Costello And The Attractions

Ro Newton

Elvis Costello is seen as one of our finest singer/songwriters and rarely is a bad word uttered about him. For years he's been writing brilliant songs, delivering his "message" and hardly ever restricting himself to one style of music. With "Tokyo Storm Warning" he's gone back to the '60s and recreated a stomping sound that reminds me of The Rolling Stones' very old single, "Satisfaction." And again he's making a political statement which, from an intense examination of the sleeve notes, is about any and all sorts of war anywhere in the world. The appealing thing about Elvis is that he wraps his ideas up in strong melodies which don't detract from what he's saying. And you can dance to them...

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Smash Hits, August 27 - September 9, 1986

Ro Newton reviews "Tokyo Storm Warning," which is named Single of the Fortnight.


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Photo by Keith Morris.
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