Smash Hits, August 5, 1982

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Smash Hits


Man Out Of Time

Elvis Costello And The Attractions

Tim De Lisle

Excellent, but so is everything Elvis does. What he needs is another "Oliver's Army" — a big hit that will become a standard — and this is not it. It has the strong melody, impeccable playing, witty lyrics. big production ... but it lacks that commercial something extra, the ability to jump out of the radio and say Buy This Now. So take it from me — buy this now (and get the I2-inch if you can).

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Smash Hits, August 5 - 18, 1982

Tim De Lisle reviews the single for "Man Out Of Time."

The lyrics to "Man Out Of Time" are featured on page 26.


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Photos by David Bailey.

Cover and page scans.
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