Smash Hits, December 23, 1982

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Smash Hits


Party Party

Elvis Costello and the Attractions

We're gonna drink enough tonight to drown the average army
By New Year's Day the next door neighbour will be goin' barmy
The milkman arrives at midday with his usual wisecrack
He knows a girl with Wednesday legs, When's dey gonna snap?

Why does everybody have to be so hale and hearty
Can't they see we're tryin' to have a party party party party

The last thing I remember I was talkin' to some fellas date
She said she'd have a word for me with her good-looking mate
And handed me a pint-pot filled with Advocaat and Tizer
And I woke up in the flowerbeds of fear and fertilizer


So shift yourself and shake your bod
You got bullet proof insurance from fire, flood and Act of God
You got to learn from your mistakes
When you got a face like last week's Cornflakes

The doors and the window frames are by Pablo Picasso
The party decorations owned by Michelangelo
The fine music that you hear is by Stravinsky
With overall design by Leonardo Da Vinci


Two boys are upstairs in your bed three girls are downstairs crying
The Alka Seltzer in the glass is roaring like a lion
You think you've aged ten years tonight and still never been kissed
So you overdose on aftershave and try to slash your wrist

Party party party party
Party party party party
Repeat to fade

Smash Hits, December 23, 1982 - January 5, 1983 -- The lyrics to "Party Party" are featured on page 3.

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Smash Hits, December 23, 1982 - January 5, 1983

The lyrics to "Party Party" are featured on page 3.


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Photo by Andre Csillag.
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