Smash Hits, February 22, 1989

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Smash Hits



Elvis Costello

Richard Lowe

Single of the fortnight

Elvis Costello has been knocking around for donkeys' years and his knack for wearing ungainly spectacles and inventing clever pop songs with lyrics that double up as tongue-twisters has endeared him to many. He's not "enjoyed" much "chart action" of late but "Veronica" could well see him back in the Fun 40. This is because he's teamed up with Paul McCartney (i.e. the legendary Fab Macca out of the so-called "Beatles") and come up with a song about an old lady called Veronica which offers pretty good value on the tune-for-yer-bob front. It also boasts the best funny noise on a record this fortnight courtesy of a bloke called Benmont Tench who does his stuff on a "Baldwin spinnet." And you thought it was all done on computers these days.

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Smash Hits, February 22-March 7, 1989

Richard Lowe reviews "Veronica."


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