Smash Hits, January 22, 1981

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Smash Hits


Trust tour dates


Elvis Costello and The Attractions will tour the nation during March to plug their new album, Trust (not "Tryst" as some idiot wrote in the last issue), and this time they'll be concentrating on the major towns and cities.

They kick off on the first of the month at St Austell Riviera Lido and continue in this fashion: Exeter University (March 2), Bristol Colston Hall (3), Birmingham Odeon (4), Wolverhampton Civic Hall (5), Bradford St Georges Hall (7), Manchester Apollo (8), Edinburgh Playhouse (9), Glasgow Apollo (10), Newcastle City Hall (11), Lancaster University (13), Bridlington Spa Hall (14), Liverpool Empire (15), Sheffield City Hall (16), Brighton Centre (18), Hemel Hempstead Pavillion (19), Hanley Victoria Hall (20), Leicester De Montfort Hall (22), Derby Assembly Rooms (23), Cardiff Top Rank Suite (24), Guildford Civic Hall (25), Hammersmith Odeon (27, 28), Ipswich Odeon (29), Oxford New Theatre (30) and Southampton Gaumont (31).

Photo by Paul Edmond.
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Smash Hits, January 22 - February 4, 1981

Bitz previews upcoming tour dates.

David Hepworth reviews Trust; a full page ad for the album runs on page 7.


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Clipping and advertisement.


Elvis Costello

David Hepworth

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He's not blown it yet and he's not showing any sign. The only risk he runs is of letting his ear for the telling line run away with him. But that reckons without his ability to vary the attack without ransacking the armoury and the wristy versatility of The Attractions, not to mention producer Nick Lowe's faultless taste. If you want the flavour of Trust, try blending This Year's Model with Armed Forces. Better still, buy it. This one makes five indispensable L.P.s. Now really, what else did you honestly expect?

Cover and page scans.
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