Smash Hits, July 5, 1984

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Smash Hits


Goodbye Cruel World

Elvis Costello

David Hepworth

Until I read the lyric sheet it hadn't struck me just what a miserable individual Elvis Costello's songs make him out to be. Makes Siouxsie seem positively chirpy. He stalks the desolate grooves of this LP like some hard-bitten private detective, spying on unfaithful couples from a parked car, dispensing bitter puns from beneath a curled lip while the band play waltz time and a mournful sax fills the gaps. He wears the costume well, of course, but the odd touch of light relief wouldn't go amiss.

(7 out of 10)

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Smash Hits, July 5 - 18, 1984

David Hepworth reviews Goodbye Cruel World.

A full page ad for Goodbye Cruel World runs on page 51.


1984-07-05 Smash Hits page 21.jpg 1984-07-05 Smash Hits page 51 advertisement.jpg
Page scan and advertisement.

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