Smash Hits, July 7, 1983

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Smash Hits


Punch The Clock


Punch The Clock is the new LP by Elvis Costello And The Attractions which will be released by F-Beat on July 29. It contains 12 new Costello songs, including "Pills And Soap" and his current single "Everyday I Write The Book" (which incidentally features the Afrodiziak singers who did backing vocals on The Jam's "Beat Surrender" single and tour). Elvis's own version of "Shipbuilding" is also included and the whole shebang was produced by Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley who also produce Madness.

Everyday I Write The Book

Elvis Costello And The Attractions

Dave Rimmer

Something of a soulful love song if I understand it correctly, a complete change from "Pills And Soap" and a "proper" release this time. That is to say, a hasn't been released under an assumed name in limited quantities available only to residents of the Scilly Isles and about to be deleted on August Bank Holiday. Thank goodness.

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Smash Hits, July 7 - 20, 1983

Dave Rimmer reviews "Everyday I Write The Book."

Bitz previews Punch The Clock.

Page 18 features an ad for "Everyday I Write The Book."


1983-07-07 Smash Hits page 18.jpg 1983-07-07 Smash Hits page 19.jpg
Pages 18 and 19.

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1983-07-07 Smash Hits cover.jpg 1983-07-07 Smash Hits page 16.jpg 1983-07-07 Smash Hits page 16 clipping.jpg
Cover, page scan and clipping.


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