Smash Hits, July 8, 1982

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Smash Hits


Imperial Bedroom

Elvis Costello

David Hepworth

I can find no mention of either bedrooms or Emperors, but in every other respect Elvis certainly isn't mucking around. The songs go for the throat; the singing has never been more for keeps. His voice comes looming though almost majestic arrangements, accusing and sympathetic at the same time. There's a studied looseness about the whole thing, a feeling of things being ever so slightly bent out of shape, that once again puts Elvis Costello ahead of the field. Way ahead.
(9 out of 10)


Smash Hits

Elvis Costello & The Attractions

Southampton Gaumont (September 11), Oxford Apollo (12), Birmingham Bingley Hall (13), Sheffield City Hall (14), Manchester Apollo (16), Edinburgh Playhouse (17), Aberdeen Capitol (18), Glasgow Tiffanys (20), Newcastle City Hall (21), Scarborough Futurist Theatre (22), Derby Assembly Rooms (23), Leicester De Montfort Hall (24), Ipswich Gaumont (26), Southend Cliffs Pavilion (27), Brighton Dome (28), Hemel Hempstead Pavilion (30), Wolverhampton Civic (October 1), Lancaster Uni. (2), Bristol Locarno (4), Cardiff Top Rank (5), Leeds Uni. (6).

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Smash Hits, July 8 - 21, 1982

David Hepworth reviews Imperial Bedroom.

Also included are Bedrooms Of Britain tour dates, a David Bailey photo and a contest to win an autographed copy of Imperial Bedroom.


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Page scans.

50 autographed albums to be won!

Smash Hits

1982-07-08 Smash Hits page 21.jpg

Elvis Costello has never made a bad album and from what we've heard of his latest, Imperial Bedroom, he's not about to start now. Turning aside the Nashville songs of his last effort, he's back on his usual stinging form and so pleased with himself that he's given us no less than 50 autographed copies of Imperial Bedroom for the winners of this special competition.

All you have to do is give us Elvis Costello's real name. Is it: a) Declan Costello; b) Elvis McManus; c) Declan McManus?

Jot the correct name on a postcard with your name and address and send it to Smash Hits Elvis Costello Competition, 14 Holkham Road, Orton Southgate, Peterborough PE2 OUF, to arrive no later than July 22. The first 50 correct answers to be plucked from the postbag on that date will become the proud owner of a copy of Imperial Bedroom, signed by the man himself. Now there's something to treasure.

1982-07-08 Smash Hits photo 01 db.jpg
Photo by David Bailey.

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