Smash Hits, October 1, 1981

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Smash Hits

UK & Ireland magazines


Good Year For The Roses

Elvis Costello & The Attractions

Ian Birch

Get out the Kleenex! Elvis plays havoc with the heart strings on this Country and Western nugget first made famous by George Jones (one of El's heroes). The deft drumming, the sobbing pedal steel guitar, the killer chorus and Costello's bittersweet singing will make grown men weep.

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Smash Hits, October 1 - 14, 1981

Ian Birch reviews the single for "Good Year For The Roses."

An ad for "Good Year For The Roses" runs on page 20.


1981-10-01 Smash Hits page 18.jpg 1981-10-01 Smash Hits page 20 advertisement.jpg 1981-10-01 Smash Hits page 18 clipping.jpg
Page scan, advertisement and Clipping.

Cover and page scan.
1981-10-01 Smash Hits cover.jpg 1981-10-01 Smash Hits page 20.jpg


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