Smash Hits, September 15, 1983

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Smash Hits


Let Them All Talk

Elvis Costello And The Attractions

David Hepworth

As a general rule. Elvis's slow songs are better than his fast ones. They're also bigger hits because when he goes up-tempo he has a tendency to cram too much wordplay in, so that the casual listener feels as if someone's just read him a major novel very very quickly. Get the LP.

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Smash Hits, September 15 - 28, 1983

David Hepworth reviews the single for "Let Them All Talk."

Page 7 features "Let Them All Talk" lyrics and a Roger Perry photo.

Page 20 features an ad for Let Them All Talk.


1983-09-15 Smash Hits cover.jpg 1983-09-15 Smash Hits page 07.jpg 1983-09-15 Smash Hits page 19.jpg
Cover and page scans.

1983-09-15 Smash Hits photo 01 rp.jpg
Photo by Roger Perry.

1983-09-15 Smash Hits page 20.jpg
Advertisement for Them All Talk.


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