Smash Hits, September 24, 1986

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Smash Hits


Blood & Chocolate

Elvis Costello & the Attractions

Chris Heath

Elvis Costello seems to have gone very weird lately. First he says he's giving up the name Elvis Costello — preferring Declan Patrick Aloysius MacManus (his real name with an extra middle name) — and now, on this new LP, he insists all the songs are written by "MacManus" (except for one — by Elvis Costello), all the instruments he plays are played by Napoleon Dynamite and yet the record is by Elvis Costello. The music's quite confusing too — these new songs are much more punchy, direct and angry than he's been for years, rather like the stuff he used to do back in the late '70s. Some of it is still disappointingly ordinary but in places — like the seething ballad "I Want You" — it's rather excellent.

(7 out of 10)

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Smash Hits, September 24, 1986

Chris Heath reviews Blood & Chocolate.

A full page ad for the lp runs on page 70.


1986-09-24 Smash Hits page 50 clipping 01.jpg 1986-09-24 Smash Hits page 70 advertisement.jpg
Clipping and advertisement.

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Cover and page scan.


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