Smash Hits, September 4, 1980

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Smash Hits



Albany Theatre, London


The scene: The Albany in Deptford. The occasion: Jools Holland's last gig with Squeeze. Chris Difford tries to spear a reluctant bogey while Jools delivers a moving farewell address. Then, from out of nowhere... ...a dozen strategically placed marksmen let fly with the aerosols, covering the hapless pianoman in disgusting polystyrene gunk from head to toe. When all this tomfoolery was at an end Elvis Costello joined the band on stage to perform a number of selections from the Difford/Tilbrook songbook as well as a few of his own toons. Costello's admiration of the talents of Squeeze is no secret and it is widely rumoured that he may well be covering at least one of their compositions on his next album.

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Smash Hits, September 4 - 17, 1980

Bitz reports on EC's guest appearance at a Squeeze concert, Thursday, August 14, 1980, Albany Theatre, Deptford, London, England.

Bitz reports on upcoming albums by The Attractions and The Rumour.


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The Boys in the Band


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Two of the finest backing bands around both release their own albums this month. Both The Rumour and The Attractions have taken a spell of leave from their respective bespectacled bosses and made long players which show what they're capable of. The Attractions' effort, Mad About The Wrong Boy, is their first and features songs written by keyboard whizz kid Steve Nieve, collaborations between Bruce and Pete Thomas, and a fistful of tunes courtesy of "Brain And Hart." The latter might or might not conceal the hand of Mr Elvis Costello.

For The Rumour this is the third time they've stepped out on their own, Purity Of Essence being a follow up to 1978's outstanding Frogs, Sprouts, Clogs And Krauts. As well as their own self-penned tunes there are contributions from Nick Lowe, Randy Newman and Graham Parker himself who donates a fine number called "That's The Way The Ball Rolls."

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