Songs In The Key Of X

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Songs In The Key Of X
Music from and Inspired by the X-Files
Songs In The Key Of X album cover.jpg
soundtrack by
Various artists
ProducerMark Snow
The X-Files, WEA WPCR-478, Japan, 1996

1996 soundtrack to The X-Files includes "My Dark Life" performed by Elvis Costello with Brian Eno.


TitlePerformer(s) Length
1. Time Jesum Transeuntum Et Non Riverentum  Nick Cave and Dirty Three 7:26
2. The X-Files Theme  Nick Cave and Dirty Three 2:48
3. X-Files Theme  Mark Snow 3:24
4. Unmarked Helicopters  Soul Coughing 3:22
5. On The Outside  Sheryl Crow 4:36
6. Down In The Park  Foo Fighters 4:04
7. Star Me Kitten  William S. Burroughs & R.E.M. 3:30
8. Red Right Hand  Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 6:11
9. Thanks Bro  Filter 4:10
10. Man Of Steel  Frank Black 4:59
11. Unexplained  Meat Puppets 3:44
12. Deep  Danzig 3:50
13. Frenzy  Screamin' Jay Hawkins 2:10
14. My Dark Life  Elvis Costello with Brian Eno 6:20
15. Hands Of Death (Burn Baby Burn)  Rob Zombie & Alice Cooper 4:12
16. If You Never Say Goodbye  P.M. Dawn 4:06
17. X-Files Theme (P.M. Dawn Remix)Mark Snow 3:59


  • This album contained both music that had been featured in the show, as well as music whose themes were in line with the concepts of the show.
  • The Japanese edition has been given a Japanese title that translates to "X Files Official Soundtrack".
  • The CD contains 2 hidden tracks by "Nick Cave And The Dirty Three" before track 1. To access the hidden track, you must hold down the reverse button and rewind past 0:00. There is a hint in the liner notes that says Nick Cave and The Dirty Three would like you to know that "0" is also a number.
  • Because of the 2 hidden tracks, real track number of "My Dark Life" is 12.

Release information

Release date Media Catalog number Comments
1996-03-25 CD Warner 9362-46079-2 UK, Europe
1996-03-26 CD Warner 9 46079-2 US
1996-03-25 MC Warner 9 46079-4 US
1996-__-__ CD Warner 9 46079-A US advance promo
1996-04-25 CD Warner WPCR478 Japan, with lyrics
1996-__-__ CD Warner WBCD 1838 South Africa

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