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Songs co-written by Elvis Costello:

  1. God Give Me Strength   with   Burt Bacharach
  2. I Still Have That Other Girl   with   Burt Bacharach
  3. In The Darkest Place   with   Burt Bacharach
  4. My Thief   with   Burt Bacharach
  5. Painted From Memory   with   Burt Bacharach
  6. Such Unlikely Lovers   with   Burt Bacharach
  7. Tears At The Birthday Party   with   Burt Bacharach
  8. The Long Division   with   Burt Bacharach
  9. The Sweetest Punch   with   Burt Bacharach
  10. This House Is Empty Now   with   Burt Bacharach
  11. Toledo   with   Burt Bacharach
  12. What's Her Name Today?   with   Burt Bacharach
  13. Why?   with   Ian Belton
  14. Shamed Into Love   with   Rubén Blades
  15. The Miranda Syndrome   with   Rubén Blades
  16. I Wonder How She Knows   with   Charles Brown
  17. It's Not Too Late   with   T Bone Burnett and Bob Neuwirth
  18. The People's Limousine   with   T Bone Burnett
  19. The Scarlet Tide   with   T Bone Burnett
  20. Sulphur To Sugarcane   with   T Bone Burnett
  21. The Crooked Line   with   T Bone Burnett
  22. Song With Rose   with   Rosanne Cash
  23. April 5th   with   Rosanne Cash, Kris Kristofferson and John Leventhal
  24. Boy With A Problem   with   Chris Difford
  25. Just A Curio   with   Fleshquartet
  26. Rope   with   Fleshquartet
  27. Deep Dead Blue   with   Bill Frisell
  28. Green Song   with   Svante Henryson
  29. Aubergine   with   Brad Jones
  30. Burnt Sugar Is So Bitter   with   Carole King
  31. Hurry Down Doomsday (The Bugs Are Taking Over)   with   Jim Keltner
  32. Abandoned Masquerade   with   Diana Krall
  33. Departure Bay   with   Diana Krall
  34. Fake Tin Star   with   Diana Krall
  35. I'm Coming Through   with   Diana Krall
  36. I've Changed My Address   with   Diana Krall
  37. Narrow Daylight   with   Diana Krall
  38. The Girl In The Other Room   with   Diana Krall
  39. Shipbuilding   with   Clive Langer
  40. The Great Unknown   with   Clive Langer
  41. Poor Borrowed Dress   with   Jim Lauderdale
  42. I Lost You   with   Jim Lauderdale
  43. Pardon Me, Madam, My Name Is Eve   with   Loretta Lynn
  44. I Felt The Chill Before The Winter Came   with   Loretta Lynn
  45. The Fall Of The World's Own Optimist   with   Aimee Mann
  46. The Other End (Of The Telescope)   with   Aimee Mann
  47. Maureen And Sam   with   Allan Mayes
  48. Back On My Feet   with   Paul McCartney
  49. Don't Be Careless Love   with   Paul McCartney
  50. Mistress And Maid   with   Paul McCartney
  51. My Brave Face   with   Paul McCartney
  52. Shallow Grave   with   Paul McCartney
  53. So Like Candy   with   Paul McCartney
  54. That Day Is Done   with   Paul McCartney
  55. The Lovers That Never Were   with   Paul McCartney
  56. I Don't Want To Confess   with   Paul McCartney
  57. Veronica   with   Paul McCartney and Cait O'Riordan
  58. You Want Her Too   with   Paul McCartney
  59. Threnody (2006)   with   Marian McPartland
  60. Don't Be Afraid, The Clown's Afraid Too   with   Charles Mingus
  61. Jelly Roll   with   Charles Mingus
  62. Self-Portrait In Three Colors   with   Charles Mingus
  63. This Subdues My Passion   with   Charles Mingus
  64. Long Journey Home   with   Paddy Moloney
  65. St. Stephen's Day Murders   with   Paddy Moloney
  66. Fire Suite Reprise   with   Roy Nathanson and Ray Dobbins
  67. Passionate Fight   with   Steve Nieve
  68. Lesson In Cruelty   with   Steve Nieve
  69. You Lie Sweetly   with   Steve Nieve
  70. Basement Kiss   with   Cait O'Riordan
  71. Baby Plays Around   with   Cait O'Riordan
  72. Earthbound   with   Cait O'Riordan
  73. I Throw My Toys Around   with   Cait O'Riordan
  74. London's Brilliant   with   Cait O'Riordan
  75. Lovable   with   Cait O'Riordan
  76. My Mood Swings   with   Cait O'Riordan
  77. Punishing Kiss   with   Cait O'Riordan
  78. Puppet Girl   with   Cait O'Riordan
  79. The Judgement   with   Cait O'Riordan
  80. Tokyo Storm Warning   with   Cait O'Riordan
  81. We Despise You   with   Cait O'Riordan
  82. You Stole My Bell   with   Cait O'Riordan
  83. When Summer Comes (2005)   with   Oscar Peterson
  84. Oh Well   with   Kamaal Fareed (Q-Tip)
  85. Either Side Of The Same Town   with   Jerry Ragovoy
  86. King Of The Unknown Sea   with   Michael Thomas
  87. The Sharpest Thorn   with   Allen Toussaint
  88. Broken Promise Land   with   Allen Toussaint
  89. Ascension Day   with   Allen Toussaint and Roy Byrd
  90. International Echo   with   Allen Toussaint
  91. Six-Fingered Man   with   Allen Toussaint
  92. Where Is The Love   with   Allen Toussaint
  93. Shadow & Jimmy   with   David Was
  94. Miss Mary   with   Zucchero Fornaciari
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