Sounds, April 21, 1979

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A poet without honour


I thought Sounds readers might be interested in this poem from the Campion School Magazine by D. McManus, alias Elvis Costello.

If you print this letter, it will prove to certain people (I think they'll know who they are) that Elvis Costello did attend the school at which my dad teaches. - Sandra Milne, Burscough, Lancs.


No. 1    July, 1971

Editor J. McAllister

A. Byrne       B. Dahill
S. Jordan      P. McVeigh
B. Welsh       A. Evans
A. Campbell     D. McManus
T. Tremarco     H. George

If you want to be the King,
Lying on a bed of gold
Take the sceptre of the old,
Take the sword and wear the crown
You're in your robes and on the stairway,
Looking down.

If you want to be the priest.
Preaching to the multitude,
Carve the symbols there so crude
But choke the collar at your throat,
You'll not be telling why you're wearing
Such a coloured coat.

If you feel there is a place
If you feel it's in a man
To be to fellow-mortals grand
This may still your path disrupt
Remember: when forsaking all your titles,
You're on the stairway, going up.

   D. McManus (Lower sixth)

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Sounds, April 21, 1979

Includes two letters about Elvis Costello and a poem he wrote for a school magazine.


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Elvis deleted

I went to a TRB concert last Thursday and he was brilliant. When he came on everybody wanted to pogo but were scard of getting trounced by bouncers. But Tom said "Everybody come to the front but don't break the seats."

With this everybody ran to the front leaving the bouncers helpless. TRB did a 1¾ hour set, three encores and even let us in the stage door and signed autographs. Tom's really for the kids, not like the Myopic Mongol, Elvis 'sold out' Costello. At his concert he did a 53 minute set, two encores, didn't say anything about the bouncers and then the cheeky little bastard moaned because we weren't pogoing, then pissed off and didn't even sign any autographs.

I hate Costello, he's a money grabber and doesn't know what 'for the kids' means. I hope Joe Strummer kicks his head in and Bebe leaves him. I would like to start a double backlash - Costello and bouncers - TRB at Southport - best gig ever. I wish other groups would come to Southport, it's getting as bad as Morecambe. - Jacko (I'm an Upstart), Southport.


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