Sounds, July 21, 1979

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Elvis susses Specials


Elvis Costello mingles with normal folk to view Coventry's finest The Specials.

As to his own career, the man in the polka dot shirt volunteered the following exclusive news: "I'm not really thinking I've got much to say it the moment, to be honest. Which is why I haven't said things about specific subjects. I mean, we're not in the process of doing anything, except that we're working on something that's ... hard to explain.

"I mean, there's nothing to say, is there? We're on the early stages of work for the next album, just rehearsing tunes. What can you possibly say about that? I don't know, maybe I might want to talk about it when we've finished making the record, but until then, it's not really interesting, is it? The only thing I can tell you is we probably going to record our next album in Australia. That's about the most interesting piece of information we have right now ..."

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Sounds, July 21, 1979

Elvis Costello attends a Specials concert and talks to Sounds about his next album.


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Photo by Dave Siviour.
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