Sounds, May 6, 1989

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Elvis Costello


Nicknaming himself The Beloved Entertainer for this year's widely acclaimed album, Spike, was no misnomer. Elvis Costello has always been one to put on a good, long show taking in songs from his whole repertoire and even the odd cover when the mood suits him (his version of The Beatles' "All You Need Is Love" was one of the most memorable and least patronising moments of the mammoth Live Aid gig in '85).

Not only do his shows generally last hours, on his last visit to the Palladium the gig was supplemented with a whirly wheel of greatest hits choices from which he randomly played.

And although, on occasion, he's not been averse to swapping band's between gigs, this tour will see the King stripped bare as he plays, in essence, a solo performance.

Highlights of the evening are bound to be plentiful, and entertainment is virtually guaranteed.

Elvis Costello starts his UK tour at London Palladium (Sunday).

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Sounds, May 6, 1989

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Photo by Keith Morris.

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