South China Morning Post, June 18, 2004

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South China Morning Post

Select private gig for Elvis Costello

Tinnie Chow

It had been a well-kept secret but Deutsche Bank finally cracked under pressure from CitySeen and admitted that Elvis Costello was in town for one night yesterday to perform for its staff at a private function.

The man, whose real name is Declan MacManus, could not be found on any hotel registry. Not even his wife - Canadian jazz singer Diana Krall - seemed to have a clue to his whereabouts.

And even his record label, Universal, was keeping mum.

According to a bank spokesman, however, an intimate party was held at Western Market for a few hundred 'select' guests - namely, 'clients, and low-equity management on the global equity side'. When asked if mere mortals could attend, CitySeen was met with the reply: 'I do not even get to go.'

So, a bunch of suits and cigar-smoking bankers - not exactly CitySeen's cup of tea. Let's just hope Elvis had a good time.


South China Morning Post, June 18, 2004

Tinnie Chow reports on a private concert by Elvis Costello for Deutsche Bank at Western Market, Hong Kong on 17 June 2004.


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