Southwestern University Megaphone, November 7, 1986

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Southwestern Univ. Megaphone
  • 1986 November 7

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Blood & Chocolate

Elvis Costello and the Attractions

The Megaphone

Though King of America was released less than a year ago. Elvis Costello has recorded yet another album, Blood and Chocolate. The Attractions are back to aid Elvis musically, and Nick Lowe has returned to contribute his production ability.

Though the album doesn't quite meet up to the caliber of Trust or Armed Forces, it does contain several good songs. "Tokyo Storm Warning" has gotten some airplay which is more than some of his best oldies have gotten. A few songs that stand out are "I Want You," "Blue Chair," and "Next Time Round." "I Wait You" is slow and almost lethargic containing some good lyrics, but the phrase "I want you" appears in just about every other line producing a bit too much monotony for this to be the best song on the album. "Blue Chair" is a typical Costello song which flows vry well and contains that distinct nasal sound. "Next Time Round" is a great song to conclude the album adding up to the conclusive impact that "Peace. Love and Understanding" has on Armed Forces. The words are in perfect sync with the instruments, and there is the old driving force present that so many of Costello's earlier songs have.

Blood and Chocolate is Costello's thirteenth album in nine years. Perhaps he needs to spend more time on each individual album, but not quite as much time as Boston has spent compiling their third.


The Megaphone, November 7, 1986

The Megaphone reviews Blood & Chocolate.


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