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Member of:

The Sugarcanes
The Nashville Bluegrass Band

Fiddle on:

Crazy (Live 2003)
Secret, Profane & Sugarcane, 2009
Down Among The Wines And SpiritsComplicated ShadowsMy All Time Doll (fiddle & banjo)
I Felt The Chill Before The Winter CameHidden ShameShe Handed Me A Mirror
I Dreamed Of My Old LoverHow Deep Is The Red?She Was No Good
Sulphur To SugarcaneRed Cotton (fiddle & banjo)The Crooked LineChanging Partners
Femme FataleWhat Lewis Did LastDirty Rotten Shame

Electric violin, fiddle, waldzither, electric viola on:

National Ransom, 2010
National Ransom (electric violin)Jimmie Standing In The Rain (fiddle)Stations Of The Cross (electric violin)
A Slow Drag With Josephine (fiddle, waldzither)Church Underground (electric viola)I Lost You (fiddle)
Dr. Watson, I Presume (fiddle)That's Not The Part Of Him You're Leaving (fiddle)
All These Strangers (fiddle)A Voice In The Dark (fiddle)

Performed with Elvis Costello:

2003-04-09, Beacon Theatre, New York - Willie Nelson 70th birthday tribute
2006-10-08, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, San Francisco, CA
June 2009 with the Sugarcanes:
2009-06-09, Red Bank, NJ
2009-06-10, New York, NY
2009-06-11, Vienna, VA
2009-06-14, Cary, NC
2009-06-16, Nashville, TN
2009-06-19, Telluride, CO
2009-06-23, Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien, NBC, Universal City, CA
August-September 2009 with the Sugarcanes:
2009-08-17, Saratoga, CA
2009-08-18, Los Angeles, CA
2009-08-19, Livermore, CA
2009-08-21, Santa Rosa, CA
2009-08-22, Jacksonville, OR
2009-08-23, Woodinville, WA
2009-08-24, Vancouver, Canada
2009-08-26, Highland Park, IL
2009-08-27, Kettering, OH
2009-08-28, Toronto, Canada
2009-08-29, Chautauqua, NY
2009-08-31, Austin City Limits
2009-09-01, Austin, TX
2009-09-02, Grand Prairie, TX
2009-09-03, Tulsa, OK
April-May, 2010 with the Sugarcanes:
2010-04-20, Boston, MA
2010-04-22, Washington DC
2010-04-23, New York, NY
2010-04-24, Richmond, VA
2010-04-26, Atlanta, GA
2010-04-27, Jacksonville, FL
2010-04-29, New Orleans, LA
2010-05-01, Wilkesboro, NC
2010-05-23, Sonoma, CA
June-July, 2010 with the Sugarcanes:
2010-06-27, London
2010-06-28, Liverpool
2010-06-30, Gateshead
2010-07-01, Dublin
2010-07-02, Glasgow
2010-07-05, Copenhagen
2010-07-08, Vienne
2010-07-10, Bruges
2010-07-11, Rotterdam
2010-07-13, Montreux
2010-07-18, Tivoli
2010-07-20, Corsica
2010-07-22, Madrid
2010-07-23, Huelva
2010-07-24, Sos del Rey Católico
2010-07-25, San Sebastián
2010-07-27, Santiago De Compostela
2010-07-28, Cascais
2013-03-10, Nashville, TN - T.J. Martell Honors Gala
2014-06-29, Montreal, QC, Canada

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