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Until we have a style guide, here's a link to Wikipedia's Style Guide.

Date Format

  1. YYYY-MM-DD format to be used, e.g. 2006-03-27 is the representation for 27 March 2006.

Song and Album Titles

  1. In song titles, all words should be capitalized. Use all punctuation and (parenthesis). For instance:
  2. In album titles, all words should be capitalized. Use all punctuation, including colons and slashes. For instance:

Naming Conventions for Images

This section moved to its own page: Naming Conventions for Images

Name of Review Articles and Preview Articles


      Review or Preview: type of article
      YYYY-MM-DD: date of concert
      City: city of concert
      Publication Name: name of purblication in which article appears

Track Numbering

I propose we use hard-coded numbers for setlists and tracklisting, so that when one copies a list, they get the numbers too. This is uncoventional I know, but it drives me nuts when I copy a setlist and then have to renumber it. If we do it once, it will save others from having to type in the numbers following a cut and paste.

I'd like to see us code it like this:

01. Still<br>
02. Upon A Veil Of Midnight Blue<br>
03. Veronica<br>
04. Speak Darkly My Angel<br>
05. Almost Blue<br>

to get this:
01. Still
02. Upon A Veil Of Midnight Blue
03. Veronica
04. Speak Darkly My Angel
05. Almost Blue

The above method is preferred instead of the conventional way:

# Still
# Upon A Veil Of Midnight Blue
# Veronica
# Speak Darkly My Angel
# Almost Blue

to get this:

  1. Still
  2. Upon A Veil Of Midnight Blue
  3. Veronica
  4. Speak Darkly My Angel
  5. Almost Blue

(which, when you select with a mouse, does not grab the numbers)

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